Commercial Team – Warner

I’ve worked in the Commercial Team at Warner Leisure Hotels for over 5 years now. My main responsibilities are to help support our marketing team with pricing and offers. I also provide insight and analysis into sales to drive focus in the areas where it is needed. I started in the finance department about five years ago, and I think my hunger to develop myself was noticed because I was quickly asked to move into a new role within the marketing department. Since then, my role has expanded and grown within the Commercial Team and I really feel like I have found a job I love. My job is varied and as such I get to talk to lots of people which has meant I have formed rewarding relationships with those around me. We work hard and play hard but there is always the promise of cake which makes it a great place to work! The thing I love most about working for Warner is that it is a company you can be proud to work for. Love it here!