Help & FAQ's

How to use this website

  • How do I apply for a job?

    Simple - click on search and then start looking by entering a postcode, town or keyword. Alternatively, simply click on the map to highlight the vacancy. If you find something you want to apply for and you’ve got the right skills, click apply and start the application process by filling in your personal details and details specific to the role. If you can’t find what you’re looking for straight away - simply click on ‘register’, tell us as much as you can about you and your skills - and we’ll contact you the moment something suitable becomes available.

  • How do I register my interest?

    If there are no jobs on the careers website at the moment that catch your eye - register with us, tell us about yourself and what you’re looking for - and let the jobs find you! Registering means that we can search and find you as soon as something is available. Simply click on register, create a username and password and start completing the details. Once you’ve registered you can access your account and update your details at any time, simply by remembering and entering your username and password.

  • How do I upload my CV?

    Easy. Make sure you know where your CV is located, either in a folder, or even better - on the desktop. Your CV needs to be a .doc file (created in Word) or a PDF. The limit is 2mb - so try not to include any pictures or photographs. When you are creating your profile there is a section for CV upload. Click upload CV, find the document and click upload. The CV is now in your profile.

  • How can I edit my details?

    You can edit your details at any time simply by logging into your account using your username and password and then change your details by clicking ‘edit’. Remember to save what you’ve typed by clicking ‘save’.

  • I already work for Bourne Leisure and I need help with developing my career. Where should I go?

    If you’re already a team member of Bourne Leisure, we have a unique internal site for you with career information and internally advertised vacancies. Ask your line manager or call HR for details of where to find this website.

  • Will I be able to work for Bourne if I have a criminal record?

    That depends on whether the conviction is ‘spent’ and the nature of the conviction. As a family-orientated business we have to take into account the background of the people we trust our customers with. Some roles will require a DBS check, we need you to be as open and honest as you can and we never, ever share information surrounding your application with any third parties.

  • Submitting an application - what happens next?

    Once you’ve actually applied for a job and submitted your application we will start the assessment process immediately and acknowledge receipt. Depending on the number of applicants, the deliberation process may take some time, though we will keep you informed. The recruitment process can involve a number of stages - interview, telephone screening, second interview and sometimes selection days. We will usually contact you at every stage of the process by email. Please check that your email browser is not filtering correspondence as spam. If you’re unsuccessful - don’t worry. With your permission we keep all details on our talent database and will contact you immediately as soon as another suitable vacancy arises.

  • Am I too old?

    We love variety - and provided you have the skills and qualifications we are looking for we will consider any application against our selection criteria. For some roles, for example, bar work, legally you have to be over 18.